Mazoon Mosque
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Farther south and considered the second largest city of Oman is the city of Salalah which is also the capital of the Dhofar and Zufar region. One of the things that Salalah is famous for is its Khareef Festival or the Monsoon festival that happens every year and brings in loads of tourists from all over the region and from other countries as well. This area of Oman has quite a number of international hotels dotting its coast with resorts and tourists as well as personnel from many different navies are often seen here at different times of the year.

To get to Salalah, you will first need to get to the capital city of Muscat where you will get a connecting flight to Salalah via Oman Air. If you go by Dubai, you can also get a connecting flight direct to Salalah from there. There are also flights that go direct to Salalah from a few Indian cities like Delhi, Kochi and Kozhikode. If you go by car or by bus, expect to be on the road for 12 hours if you are coming from Muscat. There are a number of pit stops along the way where you can answer the call of nature, have a bite to eat and to stretch your legs on such a long journey.

Some of the sights that you should not miss when you are in Salalah include the Palace of Sultan Qaboos and the al-Hisn Souq which has quite a number of items of interest for you to purchase. Frankincense, handicrafts, dates, gold and silver are but a few of these items you can get for reasonably low prices here.

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