Salzburg Old Town

A busy street in Salzburg Old Town.
Photo by: trish, Creative Commons

The old town of Salzburg is a panorama of spectacular beauty and majestic Baroque architecture. It is known as one of the loveliest city in the whole of Europe and is a world heritage site.

It is the birthplace of the famous musician and composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Salzburg Old Town is a stunning sight. It sits on the bank of the River of Salzach where the ancient Roman settlements were once located. It is a lovely postcard town. It is one place that can easily be appreciated for its beauty and its location as well as the views that it offers.

In 1997, it is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The city has strict preservation laws which allow it to maintain its beauty and ardor despite its development.

A walk in the old town allows you to relish its magnificent sites. It is crowned by the Hohensalzburg Fortress which was built in 1077 and is fully preserved until today. The fortress had served as a temporary shelter to prince archbishops and also as a military camp and a prison. Presently the fortress is open to public viewing especially to those who want to travel back in time to this amazing old town.

It is also the location of various churches that offer the best Baroque designs. A walk in the Salzburg Old Town is truly reminiscent of past times, especially because of the beautiful churches that give an ancient feel to it.

What is truly remarkable about Salzburg Old Town is how it manages to preserve the beauty of the city making it a spectacular site for tourists to visit.

This wonderful town is also the location for various parts of the production of “The Sound of Music,” a film by the 20th Century Fox Film Company.

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