Door of no Return in Ouidah near Sam, Benin
Photo by: ~MVI~, Creative Commons

The best travel destination for any time of the year is Sam, Benin in Africa. It is by far one of the places where tourists like you consider visiting. During the lean months of November to June, more and more tourists flock the airports bound for Sam, Benin for their safari adventure.

Add this place to your itinerary for you will be so happy you did – since everything that you have dreamt of – safari, lush forests and enchanting beaches is now at the palm of your hands. Just imagine how wonderful it is to bask under the African sun with suntan lotion and a tall glass of lemonade. The beach in Sam, Benin is one of the tourist attractions you must not ignore at all! No matter how far you will go just to have the feel of the pristine waters and glorious sand, a lot of tourists would come home with an explainable smile on their faces whenever they have visited the attractions at Sam, Benin.

Take note that you would need to prepare for this trip since there are mandatory health issues that you need to take care of. You have to get vaccinated prior to your visit. Consulting your doctors would be the best thing to do first before you book your flight. There is nothing to worry once you get protected since a lot of tourists have already tried this feat and emerged as new people – happier and more relaxed after their visit to the different places in Africa.

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  1. Sam roy says:

    I just want to tell, than i hope you don’t annouce the same tourists places where we find libanon and all frenches people, abusing of life easyness and cheapness. Please don’t speak about discotheque and always same stuffs, but give chances to discover the true side of this deep cultured country…thanks

    sorry for my english…i’m french

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