Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge 400
Samaria Gorge
Photo by: Shadowgate, Creative Commons

Your trip to Greece will be more memorable if you go to the island of Crete and visit the Samaria Gorge. There are so many things to say about the gorge which a lot of visitors often say when asked what is there to see? For starters, the Samaria Gorge is within the National Park itself so from the likes of it locals work night and day to preserve it. Since wherever you go in Greece has a fee, well they need that for the upkeep of the place and besides it does not cost much. Here in the Samaria Gorge, you will cough up around 5 Euro.

What is in the Samaria Gorge? Rocks may just fall on you if you do not pay attention to the visitor guide. You can take photos of the Gorge with you in it and hiking would really be needed here although the gorge has a narrow passage way, just imagine the slow steps you would be making if you happen to visit the Samaria Gorge with the rest of the 3,000 normal visitors to the place too.

Samaria Gorge attracts a lot of visitors so if you want some peace and quiet, you should spend the night at one of the hotels near it since everything stops at noon. The reason behind it is that the gorge does not have lights and it is well visited during the day. If you schedule your trip to Greece during the summer, you will be met with the heat. If you do insist, then go ahead but bring lots of water with you so that you would not get dehydrated during the trip.

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