Samosir Island

Samosir Island
Photo by: marcveraart, Creative Commons

Samosir Island, or Pulau Samosir, is a large island in the middle of Lake Toba. It is situated north of Sumatra, Indonesia. The island is surprisingly just a little smaller than the country of Singapore and is located nearly exactly in the center of the lake. The lake is considered to be the fifth largest in the world. It is said that the island and water surrounding it was formed due to a volcanic eruption 75,000 years ago. Sadly, this massive eruption also caused the extinction of some species residing on the island. The town of Pangururan of Samosir Island is connected to Tele of main land Sumatra. Lavish forests, rocks, swamps and a small lake are few of the numerous great things to see in the island.

Samosir Island is the home of the Batak people, making it the center of their rich culture and tradition. Singing is a well-known custom of the Batak people. They love greeting their visitors with their own composed songs. There are also many fine Batak woodcarvers in Samosir Island. To reach the island, tourists must take the public bus, ferry, or car. Tourism is concentrated on the town of Tuk tuk. Tuk tuk is the best place to appreciate the exotic beauty of the island and the lake around it. Small canoes are used to cross the lake. One can go hiking on one of its towering mountains. People can enjoy the nearby hot springs. Samosir Island is also a perfect place to do paragliding. There is even an annual paragliding competition held during May on the island. One main attraction of the island is the tomb of their King Sidabatur in Tomok. Samosir Island is more than just its rich history. The Batak people, the scenery and all the exciting activities just makes Samosir Island a place worth looking and experiencing.

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