San Andres Island

El Hoyo Soplador, a geyser on San Andres Island, Colombia.

Photo by: wiki , Creative Commons

San Andres Island is situated in the Caribbean Sea. It forms an archipelago together with its neighbors, small islands that line the coast. These islands are more popularly known as a single unit, named the Archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina, with San Andres Isl., Colombia as its capital.

Archipelago of Wonders

The Caribbean Sea is always a great idea for a tourist destination. But the Archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina offers more reason to visit this side of Latin America, bringing more life to the Caribbean region. Those who are looking forward to diving in crystal-clear water brimming with breathtaking marine life, playing and swimming in white-sand beaches, enjoying an exciting nightlife, and learning a whole new culture will not be disappointed when they stop by in this part of Colombia.

San Andres Isl., Colombia boasts of a rich, colorful, multi-ethnic history, owing greatly to its geographical circumstances. Thus, tourists can expect a vivid cultural experience, ranging from the cuisines embraced (made up mostly of fish and vegetables, with coconut, breadfruit, plantain, and spices as accents) to the languages spoken (mainly different dialects of Spanish and English). And the experience won’t be complete without music. Here, everyone takes it all in with beats of salsa and reggae in the background. Suffice it to say that San Andres, along with all its neighboring islands (including the Bolivar and Albuqueque islets, the Crab cays, and the Alicia and Bajo Nuevo sand banks, to name just a few), offers the opportunity to create fun, lasting memories.

An Array of Activities

There are plenty of things to do when in San Andres Isl., Colombia. For sightseeing, a walk up El Cliff allows for a pleasant stroll for a great view of the coral reefs and the whole town. There are natural wonders to discover, including the El Hoyo Soplador (a sea water geyser that can only be seen under certain conditions), Islote Sucre (a white-sand beach that has tropical vegetation), and the La Cueva de Morgan (a constantly enlarging sea cave). Of course, a trip to the island won’t be complete without water activities. Cocoplum Bay has gentle beach slopes and shallow water perfect for swimming. SpratBright, a tourist favorite, has excellent waters and boat rentals for viewing marine life and exploring nearby cays. Divers can check out the ruins of the sunken ships Blue Diamonds and Nicaraguanse.

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