San Gimignano in Tuscany

San Gimignano 400
San Gimignano viewed from a tower.
Photo by: Alaskan Dude, Creative Commons

There is a lot to be said about the towers of San Gimignano. This town is famous worldwide for its picturesque medieval scenery. When you visit, it is like setting foot into a fairytale, in a time when towers were as natural to a town as towering skyscrapers are to the modern cities of today. It serves as a symbol of power and wealth as families during the thirteenth century scrambled to have their own towers constructed to their name as a sign of their social standing in the overall strata. San Gimignano may be a vague memory of its former glory today, but your holiday along the Tuscan hills will never be complete without stopping by this town for a stopover.

Don’t be afraid to take a walk along the Piazza Della Cisterna where the friendly locals who go about their daily routines will greet you warmly. The grueling task of purchasing assorted souvenirs to take back home can instantly turn into a treat as many trades and wares can be bought on the cheap. Intricate ceramics as well as custom jewelry will make fine tokens and remind you of your most enchanting trip. And don’t forget to sample the fresh produce and the infamous Vernacci wine at any charming bistro of your choice.

It’s best to come in for the winter and spring holidays if you’re looking to explore San Gimignano in peace and without the bustle of the loud summer crowd that it naturally draws in during the months of June to September. It will also be easy to have your own picking on the type of accommodations you choose at this time since most hotels, villas and bed and breakfasts have special offers in store for people who will come to visit during the lean months.

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  1. cameron lumsden says:

    I am looking for a silversmith in San Gimignano that I bought a ring from last year. His name is Stafano and he is located near main gates. Do you have contact info? Grazie. Cameron

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