Sao Paolo

The Cathedral of São Paulo, Brazil.

Photo by: leandrociuffo, Creative Commons

Sao Paolo, Brazil is the largest city of the country and one of the richest cities in the south. Also, fondly called Sampa, Sao Paolo is a favorite destination by tourists from other countries who enjoy the nightlife and joining in festivities.

A common symbol of this prosperous city is the Avenida Paulista. One of the largest business districts in the city, this avenue also exhibits the rich and colorful culture of Sao Paolo, Brazil. Almost everything that a tourist will need can be found within and around this avenue. There are shops, art galleries, restaurants, movie theaters, book stores, and coffee shops for the ultimate convenience of guests. It is also safer to walk by the streets of this business center at night than the other areas in Brazil.

Art is also abundant in the city of Sao Paolo, Brazil. They have museums that display masterpieces for your appreciation. You may ask your tour guide to take you to these museums to get to know more about Brazilian artistry.

For those who would like to engage in outdoor activities, Sao Paola has leisure parks for your enjoyment. One of these is the Ibirapuera Park. With 1.5 million square meters of space, this park is one of the most visited by joggers and strollers. It has paths for walking, bike ways, sports courts and lakes and other areas for relaxation that make it attractive to both foreign and local tourists. Its pleasant ambiance brings tranquility to the mind and body if each visitor.

If you want to be closer to nature, the park to visit in Sao Paolo, Brazil is Parque do Carmo. Although it is also situated on a 1.5 million-square meter area, this park is not as urbanized as the Ibirapuera Park. Giving it a more natural feel is the preserved rainforest that covers 265 of the park. It showcases Brazil’s flora and even inspires the Festival of Cherry Trees, which is held during the month of August each year and is also attended by many tourists. The Zoo in Sao Paolo is also a great place to spend your day with the family.

Sao Paolo also has theme parks that you might want to try out for additional excitement. These amusement centers organize shows for the entertainment of each guest and offer various rides.

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