Serengeti Migration From Tanzania to Kenya

Serengeti Landscape
Beautiful Landscape of Serengeti
Photo by: epcp, Creative Commons

The Serengeti migration is a remarkable and impressive story. This migration takes place twice a year within Kenya and Tanzania and is considered one of the greatest migrations of wildlife on the planet.

During the month of October, almost two million herbivores travel from the northern hills to the southern plains. In April they return to the north by crossing the Mara River. This cycle is usually referred as the circular migration. The Serengeti is located in the eastern part of Africa.

The Serengeti is one of the ten natural travel wonders of the world. Its ecosystem is spread across 60,000 square kilometers. When the season changes, thousands of wild life, such as wildebeests and zebras, migrate to greener pasture for food and water. While migrating, some animals are able to make the journey and some die during the trip. When the animals are migrating, predators keep a close watch on them and seek out the weaker prey that can be killed for food.

The Serengeti has many national parks and animal reserves. Statistics show that the Serengeti has more than two million herbivores and thousands of carnivorous animals that take part in the migration. Some of the more common animals include blue wildebeests, gazelles, zebras and buffaloes.

The Serengeti migration is a treat for the tourists who love to be out in nature with wildlife. One can spend time in luxurious lodges and tented camps. There are well-guided nature walks and off-road tours in 4×4 vehicles. Going on a safari jeep expedition can give visitors close encounters with the animals.

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