Serengeti National Park

Sunset at the Serrengeti
Photo by: Noel Feans, Creative Commons

From the Maasai dialect, Serengeti literally means “endless plains.” The Serengeti National Park is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is popular for its sheer number of wildlife species. The main attraction of the site is the yearly migration of more than a million wildebeests and hundreds of thousands of zebras.

The park is about 5700 square miles, consisting of savannah and woodlands. It is at the north of Tanzania, bordering to Kenya. The region has a warm-equatorial climate. Other than the migration of ungulates (zebras and wildebeests) there are many other species too. Visitors and hunters have labeled the lions, leopards, black rhinos, elephants and buffaloes as the “Big Five.” Like other Tanzanian National Parks, Serengeti has hundreds of bird varieties. These include the ostrich, Kori bustard, crane, stork and some 500 species more.

Visitors can enjoy on-foot safari trips. They may also opt to ride hot air balloons and explore from the heights. The Serengeti is also located near the historically rich Olduvai Gorge. It has museums with artifacts from early hominids. The Ngorongoro Crater is also accessible for the Serengeti National Park.

People can come to the park anytime in the year. But to watch the migration of the million wildebeests, it is best to visit during December to July. On the other hand, predators like lions and cheetahs are more visible during June to October.

Several campsites and lodges are scattered within the park, including the new Bilila Lodge. There are luxury camps and tent camps too. They offer rock music parties and world class foods. They can even arrange lunch or meals on the plains too.

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    Serengeti national park is undoubtedly the best-known wildlife sanctuary in the world, unequalled for its natural beauty and scientific value

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