China bound? Don’t pass up the chance to visit one of the cradles of ancient civilization, even if traveling for business. China is such a place that offers both urban charm with a rich history.

To understand China, you have to experience it first hand. Shenzhen, while offering modern attractions, interestingly offers a glimpse of China’s past.

Near the border from Hong Kong, in southern Guangdong province, Shenzhen is actually a special economic zone. One of the riveting attractions within the city is the Splendid China museum. Splendid China is a 30-hectare miniature park that’s one of the world’s largest. You’ll find much of China’s famous landmarks, ancient architecture & art, and a depiction of customs and other aspects of the Chinese cultural heritage attractions in one place.

A guided tour of Shenzhen will reveal some of the destination’s best gems. Soak in the historic sites in the E. District of Longgang, including the Hakka Folk Customs Museum and Enclosures, characterized by numerous concentric circular homes built inside a peripheral wall. Inside are age-old Hakka residences, a few of which still have items that are remnants from the Qing Dynasty. There are also temples, shops, and courtyards that look just as they did hundreds of years ago Also a must-see is the centuries-old Dapeng Fortress which reflects the Ming Dynasty. It was erected long ago as a form of resistance to Japanese pirates who marched into Guangdong’s southern coastal areas. It is also the spot forces invaded China in 1839, sparking the Opium Wars.

Shenzhen’s nearness to Hong Kong and Macau make it a natural domestic and international transportation hub. Visitors flock to it not only for business & shopping but also for sightseeing. The city has a pleasant year-round weather. Summer’s long while winter tends to be short but the climate does not get extreme.

Shenzhen offers fantastic scenery and well-cared for greenery. It’s therefore not surprising for it to be adjudged as the “International Garden City” in 2000. Celebrations abound sometime August until October.

Among Shenzhen’s myriad of attractions, one of the most popular is the Windows to the World, a theme park filled with miniature tourist scenic spots around the world. These include Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Leaning Tower of Piza, Niagara Falls in Ontario Canada, the Taj Mahal in Delhi, the ancient pyramids of Egypt, and others. Natural landscapes, folk dwellings and customs are likewise showcased.

Leisure travelers visiting China with their families will also be delighted with the amusement rides at Happy Valley, which also has a 4-D cinema and interesting cultural themes.

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  1. Alfred says:

    You made the mistake…The photo is 100% HK from Victroia Peak not SZ!!!

  2. Lily says:

    Hi Alfred, that’s SZ instead of HK, and the tallest building is completed now. Welcome to SZ. 🙂

  3. Abhishek says:

    Taj Mahal is not in Delhi, it is in Agra 🙂

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