The Amazing Kariba Dam
Photo by: wiki, Creative Commons

In the southern province of Zambia, you will find the second largest tourist destination – the town of Siavonga. This is also often referred to as the Riviera of Zambia because of the magnificence of the Lake Kariba. The Kariba Dam is also a magnificent sight that should not be missed.

The Lake Kariba in Siavonga is known to be the home to different species of animals that include mammals, fish and birds. It is unfortunate the most of the large games have already disappeared from the haven of the lake. However, there are still great birds and varieties of fish to see along the banks. The beautiful scenery is something that is hard to erase from memory as soon as it is seen.

As Siavonga is known to be one of the world’s best tourist destinations especially for those who would love to experience the breathtaking platter that nature has to offer, there are many commercial establishments around the town to cater to travelers. There are hotels, rooms, resorts and lodges that offer all the comforts that travelers need and want. The town also hosts a number of different other attractions for tourists. These would include activities such as sunset cruises, canoeing, bird watching, fishing, boating and cultural village tours among others. There is much to do as much as there to see in this town in Zambia. It promises to truly be one of the most memorable places that you could ever set foot at.

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  1. Amy Kuhn says:

    The picture is lovely! I hope you don’t mind, but I’m using this image for a school project. Famous Dams is the topic and this was just a wonderful sight! It’s sad the school doesn’t have a color printer though…

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