Siena in Tuscany

View of Red Title Roofs in Siena
Gorgeous view of the red title roofs in Siena of Tuscany, Italy
Photo by: jurvetson, Creative Commons

Siena, often spelled as “Sienna” is a city in Tuscany, Italy. Siena is the capital of province of sienna. Siena is the home for some medieval arts along with architectural treasures. Siena is declared as one of the historic centers listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also one of the best preserved medieval cities in Italy. Siena offers unlimited cultural sights and interests for tourists. Palio, a thrilling horse race is a unique event and the wines in old wine bars are very prominent in Siena.

Siena was one of the major cities in Europe during twelfth and fifteenth century. Siena dominated the trade routes between France and Rome, also maintained a richest Pre-medici bank of Italy. The prosperity of Siena came to an end when contagious disease broke out in May 1348 which was termed a “Black Death”. By the end of October 1348, two third of the population died due to the deathly plague. Siena was never fully recovered due to its politics which were always factional. The lack of ensuing development explains the preservation of Siena. After World War II, Siena gained its prosperity partly due to tourism and partly to the resurrection of the famous bank “Monte dei Paschi Di Siena”. The bank was founded in the year 1472, and was the largest employer in Italy. Today, Monte dei Paschi Di Siena is a sponsor for the cultural life with one of Italy’s strongest left wings council.

The great attraction of Siena is its cityscape. A majestic Ensemble can be enjoyed without venturing into a single museum of Siena. The heart of Siena is the great scallop shaped Piazza del Campo which is incredible of all the Italian squares. The “PALIO” is a thrilling bareback horse race, an outstanding event conducted in Siena. Siena’s Duomo and Palazzo Pubblico are true examples to ensure the greatness of Italian Gothic architecture.

Visit Guidelines
The nearest international airports to Siena are Galileo Galilei international airport located in Pisa and Peretola airport located in Florence. Siena can be reached through train from both Florence and Pisa. The train station is located at the bottom of a long hill which is outside the city walls. I would suggest looking for a taxi or bus for travelers with luggage. Siena is linked to Florence through a freeway with narrow lanes and sharp bends.

There is legendary saying “All of our souls are written in our eyes”. One would definitely accept these words after visiting the mighty city of Italy “Siena”.

Cathedral of Siena
Picture of the Cathedral of Siena, Tuscany, Italy
Photo by: tiseb, Creative Commons
Piazza del Campo in Siena
Piazza del Campo in Sienna
Photo by: PhillipC, Creative Commons

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  1. I visited Sienna when I traveled Tuscany back in 2002. The country side is beautiful and the city fits perfectly within it. Do yourself a favor and don’t only go to Florence, Sienna has a lot to offer.

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