Sigiriya – Lion Entrance to the stairs
Photo by: mckaysavage, Creative Commons

When you are looking for some unique vacation experience, the best place you can visit is Sigiriya, Sri Lanka. This quiet but amazing place offers double wonders of nature and man-made sceneries. You can never go wrong when you are in this place, because you will not only discover a colorful culture, but also calmness to take your stress away.

The first spot for you to visit in Sigiriya is the ancient Rock Fortress and Palace. This is where you can discover the glories of this city against foreign oppressors of the past. You will be amazed with the architectural designs on the walls and the carvings on the rocks.

The next stop is in the Sigiriya Rock Garden. It is considered as the oldest landscapes in the world. Here, you will discover different natural and man-made rock shelters that past inhabitants used to protect themselves against heavy rain and the blazing heat of the sun. It is also where you will find the three types of gardens – the terraced garden, the water garden, and the boulder garden. Each of these offers a unique beauty to the compliment the place.

Another site to behold in Sigiriya is the Mirror wall built by a king on a huge piece of rock in the eight century. Aside from this, you can also enjoy a colorful collection of ancient paintings in the caves.

To learn more about the place, you can have a tour in the Sigiriya Museum where ancient artifacts are being kept safe.

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