Silver Pagoda

Searching for national treasures and seeing it with your own eyes is now possible by visiting the most notable royal temple known as the Silver Pagoda or commonly known as Wat Preah Keo. This is known to be a very special place in Cambodia for it boasts different Buddha statues regarded as one of the most significant treasures of the country, and one of which is the Emerald Buddha. Apart from it being a house of jeweled and royal Buddha statues, the Silver Pagoda is likewise the official sanctuary and holy place of the king of Cambodia.

There are still many interesting facts about this place that sparks interest from many tourists, and among those remarkable and fascinating information are as follows:

• The Silver Pagoda’s magnificence and grandiose – The temple of the Emerald Buddha was then made of wood in the year 1962. But as time passed by, the entirety of the place was re-erected and restructured into concrete and marble with more than 5000 silver tiles making up the entire flooring of the temple. Not to mention that each silver tile weighs an approximate mass of 1 kilo.

• Richness in terms of historical aspect – The Silver Pagoda has remained to be one of the most famous and favored historical places in Cambodia as it housed many ancient artifacts and jewels. Aside from this; the pagoda is the only temple that has remained intact and unharmed all throughout these years.

So for those tourists who are planning to visit this historical temple, an entrance fee of $3 is required along with $2 fee if you’re going to bring along a digital camera and $5 for video cameras. However, taking shots is only permissible outside of the temple and proper attire must be observed at all times.

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  1. Thenghout says:

    sorry this picture is not the silver pagoda of Cambodia, please check and do some more research about Cambodia of silver pagoda.

  2. Thenghout says:

    The information is right but it not the picture, this picture is the pagoda of china. please double check it not the cambodia silver pagoda!!!!!!!!!

  3. vuthvonita says:

    Whoa! i have never been there before

  4. PP says:

    Since I have supported your website for long time, i feel appreciate about your work. However, for Silver Pagoda which located in Cambodia as my homeland, I am strong that this picture is not belong to Cambodia, especially Silver Pagoda. Would you mind change this picture and replace the right one? I hope you will. You know when you post this wrong picture, I do feel hesitated to believe the other articles or pics in your website. No one is perfect, but we must try hard to reduce mistakes. Thanks in advance.

  5. rayven says:

    this is very nice one day i wish to go here i love it

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