Ski Portillo Chile

Ski Portillo Chile
Photo by: bojangle , Creative Commons

For the best ski resort to go to this winter season, considering Ski Portillo Chile or simply Portillo is deemed as a perfect spot for those skiers aiming for some quality skiing experience. One good reason why you should go and visit this ski resort is that this is the exact place where the 1996 Alpine Skiing World Championship was held. The place boasts of 23 ski trails and 12 lifts ideal for some ski actions and demos.

The best thing about Ski Portillo is that they offer beyond expectations, whether it is adventure, food, lodging, night life and more. For hotel accommodations, the place has three major hotels (Octogon Lodge, Hotel Portillo, and Inca Lodge) to choose from. Each hotel has varying rates, but regardless of the type of accommodation and rates you prefer, each one of them offers first class amenities for visitors, four meal servings, and complimentary use of other facilities the hotel offers. Indeed, the resort visit isn’t just meant for skiing alone, but also for other indoor and outdoor activities that await every person visiting the place.

Another great thing about Ski Portillo is the socialization factor. The Chilean atmosphere is ideal for social events, family gatherings, and parties. The ambience and entire setting paves the way for every guest to socialize and make friends in its real essence. If you’re coming to visit the place with your entire family, you will be welcomed with so many activities meant for every family member to enjoy. Some of the activities to take advantage are as follows, Kids camp for the young ones, ski school for children and adults alike, ski slopes, card games, and movie watching for everyone to enjoy.

Truly, the ski Portillo resort is both a combination of old and modern world elegance with guests only limited to 450 a week. With this kind of system, you will get loads of time to enjoy the entire place and might even want to come back for more visits in the future.

2 responses to “Ski Portillo Chile”

  1. VIctoria Caputo says:

    My boyfriend and I are trying to decide where to take a trip this coming year. We both love to ski but also love the luxury and warmth of the beach especially because is it winter here in New York. We have heard that in Chile you can ski in one region of Chile and go to the beach in another. Is this true? We would be looking to go either January or the first week in February. Any help you can offer would be great. Thanks- Victoria

  2. Darrin says:

    Victoria, keep in mind that the winter in the Northern Hemisphere is Summer in the Southern, While you may find some areas to ski, you wont find the ski resorts open at that time. August is the best time to head south. Hit the beach in NY and head to Chile the next day. You can ski in the morning and be at the beach in the afternoon. Chile is very narrow. It may take 3 hours to go across the width of the country. To go from end to end, though, plan on 3 or 4 days of hard driving.

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