Railway Station at Skikda
Photo by: Wikimedia by Escondites, Creative Commons

Located on the northeastern fringes of the country, Skikda Algeria is one place you should really put on your travel list. One of the country’s ancient cities is actually its most popular tourist destination as well. It is situated on the scenic Gulf of Stora and is formerly known as Philipville before it gained independence from European settlers. Although an ancient city, it boasts of a stable economy thanks to its main industries such as oil refineries, natural gas and petrochemical industries. Well, it’s not a surprise as this city used to be a trading post and was referred to as Sinus Numidicus.

Skikda is noted for its fine architectures, pristine beaches, happy go lucky folks, and festivals. Sometimes the people spend all day lying on the populated beaches that are situated right on the coast of the city. It’s because they’ve remained clean and beautiful despite the fact that it’s right in front of urbanity. The castle-like structures, scenic statues and massive industrial sites are also some attractions to visit. It won’t be hard to reach Skikda from the capital of Algeria as it is one of the most important and active ports in the country.

Skikda also offers romantic nightlife and fine Arabian cuisine. Having dinner in the well-lit city filled with astounding infrastructures and establishments will take your breath away. Being situated in a city on an oasis does not happen everyday of your life. But is Skikda, such wonders are very possible. This is a place where you will want to capture great memories.

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  1. Sonia Nieto says:

    i’m sure it is an important and interesting tourist destination in Algeria; i would like to visit this country and specially this city because it has wonderful beaches, to see the interesting architecture, to know and learn more about the culture of the people of this country.

    sincerely yours ,

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