Skye Island in the Inner Hebrides

Skye main
One of the many views from Skye
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The Isle of Skye is the largest island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, located on the northernmost part. The Isle of Skye is currently inhabited by about 9200 inhabitants. The island has been occupied since the Mesolithic period, until it was under Norse rule, which led to a long period of domination by the Leod and Donald clans. The main industries are agriculture, tourism, fishing and whiskey-distilling.

The Isle of Sky is an enchanted, stunning, peaceful, and even whimsical. It has a compelling past and an unwavering charm, which is why the isle is able to draw a fair amount of tourists in annually. One place worth going when you are in the Isle of Skye is the Faerie Glen. According to legend, the Faerie Glen is where the faeries hold their secret meetings. Other major destination while in the island is the Dunvegan Castle. This castle was built on huge rocks as an attempt to protect it from foreigh invaders. The castle is believed to have been guarded by magical faeries.

Don’t forget to the Armadale Castle Gardens and Museum of the Isles, as well. The 20,000 acre estate was once owned by the Donald Clan. Here you can take nature trails and walks and look at their award-winning museum.

Of course, no visit to the Isle of Sky is complete without a visit to the magical Eilean Donan Castle. The most iconic image of Scotland, it is the most photographed castle in the country and has also made appearances in many major movies and films.

Another tourist attraction is the several boat trips available where you can cruise around the islands. Enjoy the countryside through horseback or maybe mingle with the inhabitants at the islands’ local pubs! Enjoy the local music scene, for they are thriving and pretty good.

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