Mountain Peak in Soldeu, Andorra
Photo by: borkurdotnet, Creative Commons

While not as popular as other towns in Andorra, Soldeu is still a great place to spend the holidays, especially with family and friends. It is located at the Pyrenees so the average temperature in Soldeu is quite cold, even during the warmer months. Soldeu is not really renowned for being an exciting and fun town but it is still cheerful and very picturesque offering many family oriented activities.

• Skiing – Soldeu is well-known as a great place to learn skiing. Because of the smoother terrain, Soldeu is mostly geared for beginners and children who want to enjoy winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.
• Shopping – Since it is located at the border of Spain and France, Andorra enjoys a duty-free status. However, unlike most places in Andorra the stores and shops in Soldeu are not numerous as compared to its neighboring towns. Still, you can find many good deals and fine quality items in Soldeu, particularly clothes and souvenirs.
• Summer activities – In the winter, skiing and snowboarding are the most popular activities in Soldeu, and during the summer months, many people visit Soldeu to enjoy canoeing, whitewater rafting, mountain climbing and hiking. There are many trails located in Soldeu, both for beginners and expert hikers. There are 16 different hiking trails in Soldeu, with the more challenging going all the way to the highest peak located 2942m above the ground.
• Dining – Aside from the local flavors, the restaurants in Soldeu also offer Italian, French and Spanish influenced cuisines.
• Nightlife – While not as happening and loud as its neighbors, Soldeu still has plenty of clubs and bars that are open until the early morning with cheap drinks and lively music.

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