The Ribat at Sousse, Tunisia
Photo by: hisgett , Creative Commons

Sousse, “The Pearl of the Sahel,” is one of Tunisian’s leading tourist spots. Located on the east coast of Tunisia, Sousse is a famous year-round destination that allures mostly Germans, Russians, Brits, and Eastern Europeans.

If there were one thing that Sousse should be proud of, it would be the heritage it got from the Romans, Arabs, Phoenicians, and Byzantines that once settled in this Tunisian city. Many tourists consider Sousse a livelier and a tad more interesting than other Tunisian cities. The medieval-style medina in Sousse, a UNESCO World Heritage site, teems with imposing monuments and exquisite museums. The city’s small colorful shops sell souvenirs of different shapes and sizes such as carpets, pure wool blankets, olive oil, porcelain, dyed cloth, leather bags, copper goods, and silver jewelries.

Another reason for the immense popularity of Sousse is its integration of hotels and resorts into the city, making it strikingly different from other resorts in the country. That being said, visitors have plenty of choices in Sousse when it comes to beach resorts. Some resorts are open to the public, while others are private to the hotels. The white sandy beaches in Sousse are packed with tourists that crave for some summer Mediterranean fun. The resorts cater to adventurous visitors as well, as they offer a wide array of watersport activities like wind-surfing, paragliding, jet-skiing, and water skiing, to name a few.

Tourists keep coming back to Sousse because of its mild climate as well as its serene and eye-pleasing coast. All year round, the climate in Sousse is warm with very little rain. The hottest months of the year range from April to October.

In the recent years, Sousse has been attracting young people because of its nightlife, with the opening of several new clubs and bars. The city is the location of Tunisia’s hottest nightclub: the Bora Bora or Boulevard du 7 Novembre, where the most attractive people and international DJs can be found.

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  1. Parag says:

    The city of Sousse was founded in the 9th century by the Phoenicians. It is the third largest city in Tunisia and enjoys a mild climate and therefore it is the perfect place for relaxing and probably one of the main Tunisia Tourist Attractions

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