Ecuador is a small country located in South America. Relatively close to the equator that helps create a rich biodiversity within the country, Ecuador makes an excellent place for ecotours and observing nature in its most raw state. The vast range of geography includes volcanoes, rain forests, and beautiful beaches.

With the warm tropical climate, traveling to Ecuador is possible year round. This makes backpacking tours very appealing for the more adventurous travelers. See up close the many volcanoes that Ecuador has. Cotopaxi is the world’s highest active volcano and is located in the Andes Mountains. Meaning “Throne of the Moon,” mountain guide companies offer regular guided tours of the mountain. They usually drive to a height of 4300 m. At 4800 m is the Jose Ribas mountain hut, where climbers can spend the night and begin their hike the following morning. The Galapagos Islands make another fascinating place to see in Ecuador. Famous for being studied by naturalist Charles Darwin and contributing to his theories on natural selection and evolution, the islands are geologically young and notorious for the vast number of endemic species, or plants and animals found nowhere else in the world. Other things to see and do in Ecuador might be visiting some of the old colonial towns that have been around for many years to observe the architecture and soak up the culture.

In a city called Otavalo, every Saturday there is a Mercado Artesanal in Plaza de Poncho where indigenous people come from afar to sell their handmade crafts to tourists. Another interesting city towards the Amazon region is Banos which is known for its hot springs and is a backpacking town offering tours of the countryside.

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