South Pole

South Pole 400
South Pole
Photo by: giladr , Creative Commons

Have you ever wondered why Santa Clause is so mysterious? Ít’s because he lives in a very isolated and almost forgotten place called the South Pole. Let this realization not hamper you from visiting since even though only a handful of tourists include this in their travel schedule, it is the one place that really needs to be visited and appreciated. It’s so awesome to actually be in the South Pole that it’s like being on another planet.

One special experience you can get from your South Pole adventure is that you can actually say that you have traveled the world not in eighty days but in a couple of seconds. All because there is this particular marker that is laid down in the South Pole where you can walk around and follow the trail. It does go through different time zones much like the international dateline. Since you are all fired up and ready to experience such a freezing adventure, do find time to get all your gear packed and all your heavy and thick clothes available. Keep in mind that the temperature can actually dip as low as -89°C or 129°F.

They say that once you have conquered the South Pole, you have indeed conquered the world since this place is known to have powerful winds that exceed the power of hurricanes. Scientist who keep track of the weather changes in the South Pole classify it just like Gale. The trip is not very expensive and the memories can last a lifetime. Remember to be safe and steer clear from accidents as soon as you enjoy your visit to the Ice Capital. It may indeed be the greatest adventure of your life!

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