St. Ann’s Bay

St. Ann’s Bay was first called Santa Gloria by Christopher Columbus. It is the capital of the parish of Saint Ann.

It is believed to be the first landing site of Columbus although much debate was related to this because of the other belief that it was in Discovery Bay where Columbus first landed.

Today, a statue of Christopher Columbus is erected in this area to commemorate his discovery of the bay.

It is a fair and beautiful place. Visiting St. Ann’s Bay is like traveling back in time mainly because the flourishing Ocho Rios has taken over this beautiful town in terms of tourism and shipping. The buildings and establishments in St. Ann’s Bay’s area have been well preserved to its original luster.

It is a charming town that is known as the birthplace of Jamaica’s national hero, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, a pioneer in Black solidarity and Pan-Africanism.


St. Ann’s Bay gives you the feel of old time Jamaica. You should not forget to experience a walking tour of St. Ann’s Bay in order to enjoy and inhale the beautiful Jamaican sight.

  1. Marcus Garvey Statue. It is a commemorative statue made in honor of Jamaica’s national hero, Marcus Garvey. It is a famous site located outside the St. Ann’s Bay Library which was a worthy tribute because the national hero is known for his passion for reading.
  2. The Lady of Perpetual Help Church. It was constructed in 1534 as the Peter Martyr Church and was said to have not been completed when Jamaica was captured by Britain in 1655. It was later donated to the Catholic Church and was built using the original stones of the Peter Martyr Church. It is now considered as a national monument in Jamaica.

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