St Petersburg’s Palace Square

St. Petersburg Palace Square 400
St Petersburg’s Palace Square
Photo by: lyng883, Creative Commons

The St Petersburg’s Palace Square is one of the major landmarks of Russia. The Palace Square is also considered as one of Eur-Asia’s beautiful and unique squares.

The Palace Square is built on the southern side of the city between in 1754-1762, a new building was added to the square in 1819-1829 by Carlo Rossi. The Palace Square is known as “Winter Palace” and before the construction of the Palace Square, the site contained a massive garden, in addition, military parades marched through the square.

The Palace Square features Alexander Column at the middle, also the world’s largest column made of polished granite of single piece and it weighs about 704 tons. The north side of the building is being used by curved front wall that is being linked to the triumphal arch.

The Palace Square also served as the residence for the Russian Emperors starting from 1700s; also a number of scientists, generals, poets, architects and composers had walked here. The Palace Square is also visited by Otto Von Bismarck, Queen Victoria, John Quincy Adams, and Bernoulli, presidents, prime ministers, scientists and musicians from different nations.

The Palace Square is one of the major tourist spots in the city. It opens at 10 am in the morning and closes at 6 pm in the evening.

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