A View of the Stirling Castle from the Wallace Monument
Photo by: wsuph002, Creative Commons

Stirling in Scotland is one of the country’s most historical locations

Of all the historic sites in Scotland, Stirling is the one place that has seen the most action over the past centuries. Since it used to be the only passageway to the highlands, many battles have been fought in and around this small city. And though the conflicts have already ended, the energy can still be felt to this day. If you want to visit a magical place that will conjure up images of fairytales you definitely shouldn’t miss a visit to Stirling.

Since it is one of the most accessible cities in the Scottish Central Belt area, you can reach this city from Edinburgh or Glasgow through public transport, particularly by bus or train. This makes it the perfect side trip destination for the day if you just happen to be visiting any of the 2 major Scottish cities we just mentioned.

Start off your Stirling trip with a visit to one of the oldest and yet well-preserved castles in Scotland, the Stirling Castle. Dating back to the 14th century, this castle has one of the most stunning views of the. If you’re interested in history, you should also visit the National Wallace Monument dedicated to the great man sir William Wallace, or Braveheart, as he is most popularly known to as in movies. Here you’ll find not just one but seven battlegrounds where fierce Scotsmen fought for their independence. Bannockburn is another important historical site where the Scots fought and won their victory over the English in 1314.

With so much natural beauty all around you, it’s hard to think that this area has seen more than its fair share of battles through the years. Just like Edinburgh, it boasts of having a number of historical attractions, which gives it that unique feel of being a medieval city even in these modern times. Cobble stone streets and different remnants that you’ll find near the Stirling castle are tell tale signs of just how grand this city used to be in the past times.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a travel destination that can give you an extensive look into the Scottish struggle for freedom, then the dreamy city of Stirling can offer you this plus so much more. Walk the streets and get a feel of the true Scottish spirit as you listen to bagpipe songs of victory played by men wearing their respective kilts.

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