Stone Town

Stone Town
Photo by: neiljs , Creative Commons

If you are looking forward for a cultural and exotic adventure, better prepare your tickets and visit the stunning city of Stone Town. Found in Tanzania’s center of tourism, Zanzibar, Stone Town can surely free you from the everyday stresses of the urban cities.

Aside from being the home of an array of coral reefs, Zanzibar is also famed for its Stone Town. Known worldwide as the perfect example of Eastern Africa’s earlier civilizations, Stone Town is an adventure into the past. Its name came from the coralline rock many ancient households had used to build their homes. Nowadays, those same structures made from the same coralline rocks still garnish the whole town, making it an extraordinary place for you to visit.

In addition to the houses, ancient Arabic architectures were perfectly preserved in this vast area within Zanzibar. Since this region of Tanzania was once the center for trading in the Indian Ocean, there area many artifacts that have been left behind from foreign cultures. These would include the elaborate wood carvings coming from Arabian roots, the numerous streets and alleys mingled with the ancient appearances, and the ornate brass finishing in many of the doors used for the houses. The intricate designs most of the Muslim’s ancestors had created are still alive here, including their old mosques and other interesting buildings. No wonder Stone Town is chosen by UNESCO as a member of the World’s World Heritage Sites. On that note, many architectural and historical students would indeed love to witness the rich and abundant evidences of the ancient world’s beauty and grandeur.

Other things to experience are the lively bazaars that feature some of the most exquisite rituals and dances popular in Tanzania. Usually, these celebrations are accompanied by the Taarab music endemic to the island, thus further enhancing the culture of this tourist spot you will surely want to experience.

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