Struga viewed from Ohrid
Photo by: Jacobo Canady, Creative Commons

Struga was previously known as Ehalon. The name translates into the word “eel” and is believed to be connected to local folklore about an eel that found itself enjoying the water in Lake Ohrid. It is a small town in the southwestern part of Macedonia. It is also found near the Roman Via Egnatia so Struga really is an easy to find tourist destination. There are also lots of activities that can be done while staying here at Struga. Among them are scuba diving, swimming, shopping strolling and boating. Scuba diving is one of the most popular because of the beautiful underwater life that can be seen in Strugan waters.

If you want to walk around and get familiarized with the place, you can try visiting churches all over the city. There are many churches in this place and a good deal of them already survived 8 centuries of wear and tear. Taking some time out to visit these churches will give you a one o f a kind experience of stepping foot in an old structure. And speaking of old, Struga becomes the site of an International Festival of Poetry held in the honor of Konstantin Miladinov.

If you are one of those people who want to experience activities such as boating or scuba diving in the deep rivers of Crn Drin, then a trip to Struga is all you will ever ask for. Find out why tourists from other parts of the world are excited to visit Struga again and again.

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  1. Im from struga, so where exactly do you go to sign up for scuba diving?

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