Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain in Brazil
Photo by: Rodrigo_Soldon, Creative Commons

The Sugarloaf Mountain is a place located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The mountain is the heights peak in the entire sea covered area. It protrudes into the Atlantic Ocean and has a total height of 1,299 feet above the sea level. It got its name sugarloaf as it resembles the original shape of a huge pile or a heap of sugar that has just come out of a sugar refinery. Some school of thoughts as says that the name is a derivation of a ‘high hill’. The Ariel view of the mountain is also breathtaking.

The mountain is a monolith and is made up of granite and quartz. The most interesting thing from the visitor’s point of view is the glass trolley or cable car that can take almost 75 passengers between the peaks of Pao de Acucar and Cara de Cao in every 20 mins. Originally the cable car was laid and built in the year 1912, however, was rebuilt in 1972 and 197. The view from the glass cable is magnificent.

Another best outdoor activity that the tourist indulge into is rock climbing. It is a very common sight to watch the rock climber climb the Babylon Mountain and the Urca’s mountain. It is said that both the peaks together form the largest urban climbing areas in the world. The Sugar Mountains have such an attraction in them that they have even appeared in the some of the Hollywood movies. The famous of all is the James bond released in the year 1979.

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