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Svaneti is a historic place in Georgia which is known to be rich with much architecture and lush landscapes. This place is also referred to as Svanetia or Suania. It is a great tourist destination for those who seek a peaceful and scenic retreat from their regular lives.

Magnificent botanical life is one of the most featured attractions of Upper Svaneti. The place is known for the growth of various plant species which are in some cases rather hard to find. These are often said to be quite legendary to each traveler who sets foot to the region. Apart from Botany, the breath-taking landscape of mountains and other sites have been a constant tourist attraction. During the summer seasons, you will be able to appreciate the view of lush green mountains covered with trees and grass. The detail is quite impeccable and is another reason for visitors to take the time to capture its brilliance in a photo or in a painting. During the winter season, these mountains are covered in snow. Each peak will be white and blue as you gaze at its majesty; truly something worth seeing.

At this point, there are a number of architectural monuments which are found in this place which are recognized by the UNESCO. The government of Svaneti is working hand in hand with the UNESCO World Heritage Center to be able to properly preserve and protect these magnificent structures for posterity. The pillars and other structures erected in villages and all around the region are among the greatest pride of Upper Svaneti. It holds much history and has been said that some of these were built way back in the ninth to twelfth centuries. These Svanetian towers have been able to add aesthetical advantage to the villages which is among the best things travelers and visitors fancy.

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  1. Nini Arveladze says:

    Hello everyone..of course if you ever see this comment…well i don’t like the information given here first of all nowadays we are considered to be the european country ,we are called “first Europenas” due to bones of Dmanisi hominids of stone country is full of wonders..i don’t like photos also..seeing these photos you won’t be eager to visit my country..well,you shouldn’t think that I am just a patriot who can’t see the worse side of his know that the war in 2008 with Russia damaged us greatly but nowadays coming to Georgia isn’t dangerous at all..I swear..if you don’t want to visit Abkhazia or South Osetia …Our country and my hometown Kutaisi existed in the ancient times…the Greek legend about Argonauts is about our country then it was called Kolkheti..we have a lot of historical buildings..ruins of ancient towns graved in rock and so the 12th ages we were the powerest country in the whole caucasia and we ruled every country in this region..we had hundreds of severe trials and wars to preserve our independence..we fought against urartu,roman empire,byzantine empire,arabs,turks,osmans,mongolians,russians…and we could preserve our country,traditions,religion and culture…
    well ..i think i shold stop here..but I have so much to tell about my country…also we have wonderful nature…nowadays our government is building new touristic zone Anaklia one day you will have a possibility to swim in the Black sea and then ski in the Caucasus mountains..the scenery is unforgatteble…georgian people is famous for their hospitality..we consider that a guest is a gift from god… we have a lot of great novels and poems about it…but i should confess that we aren’t taking much care of our own country..if we did Georgia would be really the paradaise on Earth… I advise evreyone if you have read that and if you want to visit a raelly imteresiting country don’t miss the chance and phone the agency immediately..if you want contact me on email…
    Thank you everyone..wish you good luck !!! Georgia is waiting for you !!!

  2. Anthony says:

    Dear Nini, yes I am looking forward to visiting your amazing country am filled with anticipation! I long to see beautiful landscapes and monasteries icons singing and hot springs! (hope youve got hot springs?!) Coming over end of May! Anthony

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