Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour Night Lights
Photo by: iljimae, Creative Commons

Sydney Harbour is a portion of Port Jackson, which is the natural harbor of Sydney, Australia. The entirety of Port Jackson is known for the beauty and as the location of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. It was where the first European settlers came in Australia and it continues to play a significant role in the development of Sydney.

Sydney Harbour is the longest arm of the three harbors which comprise Port Jackson. It stretches to the west, extending as far as Balmain where it meets the estuaries of the Lane Cove and Parramatta rivers. The central business district and the inner suburbs are centered on Sydney Harbour, joining with North Harbour (which is the shortest arm, a large bay stretching to Manly Cove) and Middle Harbour (which extends to the northwest). Port Jackson extends inland from Tasman Sea to Cockatoo Island. Over it are Sydney Harbour Bridge and the ANZAC Bridge (formerly Glebe Island Bridge). Sydney Harbour Tunnel passes underneath to the east of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Shark Island, Fort Denison, Goat Island, Clark Island, Cockatoo Island, Snapper Island, Spectacle Island, and Rodd Island are several of the islands within the harbor. Other former islands have been linked subsequently to the shore through land reclamation, and they include Bennelong Island, Berry Island, and Garden Island.

Sydney Harbour’s commuter and visitor ferry services are provided by Sydney Ferries. For a tour of the sights in and around the Sydney Harbour, it is recommended that you take a ferry to enjoy a view of Sydney from the water. A small number of water limousine and taxi operators are also active on the harbor for individuals or groups not willing to travel by ferry. Unlike ferries, they do not have specified timetables or routes, so if you already know your way around by water, you may want to try this mode of transportation instead.

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