Kean Bridge – over Surma River and on the bank of the river, and a very old clock.
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Sylhet, Bangladesh is a city with a major influence in Bangladesh. It is located in the northeastern side of Bangladesh, and the main city of the Sylhet District and Sylhet Division. The city is located near the banks of the Surma River and surrounded by Khasi, Jainta and Tripura hills.

Sylhet is known as the ‘City of Saints’, and has a mausoleum of great St. Hazrat Shah Jalal, the saint who brought Islam to Bengal during the 1300s. Sylhet is one of the largest cities in the country. It is also best known for its lush tropical forests, tea gardens, and most recently, its many industries. It is now one of the richest cities in the country, with newly opened shopping malls, hotels and luxury housing estates.

Tourist Sights and Attractions

  • Tea Gardens – there are plenty, plenty of tea gardens (some 150 of them) in a small city like Sylhet. Not only that, Sylhet has 3 of the largest tea gardens in the world—both in its area size and production.
  • The Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal – After more than 600 years after Shah Jalal, this place still continues to tantalize people from around the world. Legend says that Shah Jalal came from Delhi, defeated Hindu Raja Gour Gobinda and transformed the ‘witchcraft’ followers to righteous Muslims. Here you can still see the shrine swords, the holy Quran as well as the robes owned by the saint displayed in the shrine.
  • The Monipuri Dance – this is one very interesting feature in Sylhet. The aborigine tribes including the Khasis, Garos,
  • Monipuris and the Tiperas who live on the hills practice their age old rituals and traditions and celebrate their festivals. The Monipuris perform their famed dance, a dance based on allegorical love of ancient mythology.


Sylhet is predominantly hot and humid during the summers, and relatively cool during the winter. It is within the monsoon climactic zone. It is hottest during months August to October, whereas its coldest temperatures are during months May to September.

Sylhet Forms of Transportation

By air, the Osmani International Airport serves all domestic flights from major airlines such as Royal Bangle Airlines, United Airlines, GMG and Bimam Air.

By land, you can travel via bus or train. There are several bus services such as Shohag Porigahan, Silk Line and Green Line. Their services are available from 7:30AM to 10:30PM. Via train, there are three train lines named Parabat, Upoban and Joyontika that depart every mornings, noontimes and evenings.

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