Tangail Mosque
Photo by: John Pavelka, Creative Commons

Tangail is located in the central region of Bangladesh, part of the Dhaka division. Tangail, Bangladesh has a total population of 3,200,000. The city is surrounded with several districts: the Jamalpur district on the north, Dhaka and Manikgani on the south, Gazipur and Mymensingh on the east and Sirajganj on the west. Several rivers also cross Tangail, a total of 10 rivers all in all: Dhaleshwari, Jamuna, Bangshi, Jhenai, Turag, Fotikjani, Jugni, Elongjani, Lohajang and Langulia.

Agriculture is Tangail’s main source of livelihood, with main agricultural products including jute, wheat, sugarcane, pulse, pineapple, banana, mustard seed and rice. Tangail is rich in history and artistic heritage.¬ It has quite a few prominent archaeological relics and monuments, which are main tourist attractions in Tangail.

Things to See and Do

• Atia Mosque

The mosque is a perfect example of Bangladeshi artistic heritage. It was built by Khan Panee in 1609, which blends pre-Mughal design elements and imperial Mughal architectural features. The mosque has been restored several times. There is real beauty in this mosque, for it is nestled among fields and trees, right by a deep pond on the side. This really pretty pink mosque can be seen on the TK 10 note.

• Dhanbari Royal Resort

The heritage resort is a sprawling complex belonging to the famed Danbury Nawabs, the first Muslim king during British rule. It is more than 700 years old.

• Madhupur National Park

The park is home to the langur monkey, barking deer, wild boar, and a wide array of bird species including some rare species such as dusky owl, spotted eagle owl, brown fish owl and the famous brown wood owl. The National Park covers some 8,500 hectares, one of the last remaining patches of forest in the country. In addition to its abundant wild life, it is home to the Mandi tribe.

• Kumudini College

The college was built in 1943, first established to promote women’s education. It was built by philanthropist Rai Bahadur, named in honor of his mother.

Tangail Weather and Climate

Tangail has a favorable climate all year round. It has a minimum weather of 12 degrees C and is hottest at 33 degrees C. There is high amount of rainfall every year, which is why there is good fertility of the Tangail ground.

While in Tangail, you can ride horse carriages, bullock carts, luxurious boats and passengers boat to get around.

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