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Because of Aztec and Mayan influence there is obvious evidence of their impact in Mexico through its ancient ruins, temples, and monuments. There is a town steeped in the tradition that makes it comparable to a California gold rush town. That small town is Taxco de Alarcón, also referred to simply as Taxco. Taxco is found in the Mexican state of Guerrero. The “de Alarcon” in the town’s official name is in tribute to Juan Ruiz de Alarcon, a writer who is from this town.

This ancient town has a long association with silver, both the mining of the metal and the crafting of the metal into jewelry and silverware. The town’s reputation with silver, as well as the city’s picture perfect homes and landscapes have now made tourism the premier industry in this area. This comes as a welcome development as the remaining large-scale mining operation in the area is already decreasing its operations and will eventually be closing soon.

What is there to see in Taxco? There’s the Parish of Santa Prisca y San Sebastían, more popular as the Santa Prisca Church. The church stands out because the architecture is of the Baroque style, something not really popular in the small town. The church is made out of very beautiful pink stone is guarded by two towers that have elaborately-designed bell towers.

You may also visit the main plaza of the town, commonly known as the Zocalo, although its official name is “Plaza Borda.” There is also the Borda House or Casa Borda, a building that stands as the most important non-religious structure. It houses Casa de Cultural or the Cultural Center, where you can have a quick lesson in fine arts, sports, and languages. The surroundings of the plaza are a shopper’s delight with silver shops, bars, and restaurants. For an enriching cultural experience, don’t forget to visit the Museum of Viceregal Art and the William Spratling Museum.

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