Thai Cuisine

Pad Thai: a classic dish considered to be among the most popular in Thailand
Photo by: Steve Snodgrass, Creative Commons

Every dish in Thailand is always cooked from fresh ingredients. Those who live in Thailand make it a point to eat foods that are freshly made. It is the main reason why Thai dishes are considered to be among the most delicious foods in the world. Rice, locally referred to as kaow, is considered to be the heart of all Thai cuisines.

All regions in Thailand have their own variations of rice which are unique to their individual climate and geographical conditions. Coconut milk is also considered to be the main ingredient of most Thai dishes. People in Thailand also emphasize finding the freshest coconut milk to ensure that every Thai cuisine that they create offers distinctive and irresistible taste. Few of the many Thai cuisines that you might enjoy in Thailand are the following:

Pad Thai
This is also known as Thailand-style fried noodles. It is a classic dish considered to be among the most popular dishes in Thailand. This dish is proven to taste really good with prawns and eggs.

Penang Gai (Penang Chicken Curry)
Once you get the chance to visit Thailand, you will notice that this is among the Thai dishes that you can find anywhere. The dish is characterized by a creamy coconut curry. Thai cooks also adds Thai basil and kaffir lime leaves to intensify the flavor.

Som Tum
This is a Thai salad that uses green papaya as its main ingredient. This is dish is offered by most street vendors in Thailand. The vendors mix this dish up with the use of pestle and mortar in order to get all the desired flavors out of its many ingredients. Aside from fresh green papaya, Som Tum uses palm sugar, green chili, Thai string beans and dried shrimp for its ingredients. All together, these ingredients are mixed into a delicious and fiery salad.

These are just few of the foods that you will certainly enjoy during your Thailand trip. There are still a lot of Thai foods out there not yet mentioned in this article, so be sure to be on the look out for other Thai dishes.

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