Thai Desserts

Sticky rice with mango… hello teddy bear!
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Ever thought of visiting Thailand? You must, because Thai desserts are confections that you do not want to miss. Desserts and sweets in Thailand are popular for their extreme sweetness. It is also proven to be heavy in comparison to other desserts that are considered airy and light. Some of the many characteristics of Thai sweets that set it apart from any other desserts are its sweet sticky rice, coconut cream, custard and its wide array of fruits. Here are few of the desserts in Thailand that you will definitely find irresistible:

1. Sticky Rice with Mango
This dessert is composed of mouth-watering ingredients like sweet sticky rice, ripe yellow and non-stringy mango, and sweet coconut cream topping. This is one of the desserts that most tourists in Thailand enjoy.

2. Sticky Rice with Durian
This is also among the most unique sweets in Thailand. This is made out of sweet sticky rice, overly ripe durian and sweet coconut cream. The process of creating this includes placing ripe durian on top of the sweet sticky rice. The sweet coconut cream is then poured over the mixture, which results to a very sensational dessert.

3. Coconut Rice Dumplings
Also referred to as Khanon Krok, this dessert can be found all over Thailand. Its ingredients are rice flour, sweet coconut, and a wide array of toppings. This is cooked similarly to pancakes on hot griddles.

4. Thai Ice Cream Sandwich
This is among the most delicious and interesting Thai desserts. The process of creating this includes loading coconut ice cream into a hamburger bun. Peanuts and sticky rice are then placed at the bottom of the bun. The hamburger bun is used as this is proven to successfully hold and soak up the melting ice cream.

5. Thai Pancakes
Also known as roti, this food is both popular as a snack and dessert. It is cooked by frying thin layers of pastry dough on a hot pan through butter and oil. If you want to add more taste to this pancake, you may add ingredients such as chocolate and banana.

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