Kantanagar Temple
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Thakurgaon, Bangladesh is one of the most pleasant towns in northern Bangladesh that boasts of pleasant sceneries. However, there are very few who come to visit the place.

Thakurgaon is bordered by the Panchagarh District in the north, Dinajpur district on the east, and West Bengal on the west and south. It consists of 2 municipalities, 5 upazilas, 18 wards, 32 mahallas, 51 unions and 643 mouzas and villages. Its main rivers are Nagar, Pathari, Tangon, Punarbhaba, Kulic, Talma and Dhepa. Thakurgaon has a total area of 1,810 sq. km and a total population of around 40,000.

The administration of Thakurgaon was established in the year 1860 and became a district in 1984. Just like any part of the country, Thakurgaon has many small mud huts and man with their rickshaws. Although the city (and the whole country of Bangladesh) is poor, its huge amount of rainfall provides the Bangladeshis access to water, thus wherever you go, you see the landscape is filled with jackfruit trees, maze fields and paddy trees. The city has some archaeological relics and its cultural heritage is something that is0020definitely worth visiting.

Must Visit Places while in Thakurgaon

• Tangon River

Tangon River is named after Tankonath, a zamidar of Ransankail in Thakurgaon. It passes through West Bengal and Bangladesh, meeting Punarbhaba River in Naogaon District. The rivers are a beautiful shade of emerald green!

• Kantanagar Temple

The temple is best known for its ornate design and intricate carvings. The temple is covered entirely with carvings, telling stories of kings, gods, elephants and more. The forest nearby is a popular picnic spot for both visitors and locals.

• Others

Other places of interest include Senua Bridge, Old Air Port, Sugar Mill, Jomidar Mosjid, the Fair of Nekmordon, river of Kulic, Palace of King Ton Ko Nath, and the largest mango tree in Bangladesh, the Ancient Mango Tree.

• Thakurgaon Rest House

If you plan to stay in Thakurgaon for a longer time, stay here. It is a beautiful red brick building greeted by the friendliest staff. Definitely not like luxury hotels you can find in Rangpur, although the rest house is charming in its own unique way.

Getting there and around the City

All buses that depart from the Dinajpur bus station – Panchagarh Highway, Saidpurh and Bogra will pass by Thakurgaon. The drive from Rangpur to Thakurgaon is about two to three hours long.

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  1. Thakurgaon is my hometown

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