The Copan Mayan Ruins

The Copan Mayan Ruins
Photo by: Lauri Vain , Creative Commons

The country of Honduras in Central America served as the dwelling to the Mayan tribes dating back to as early as 1000 BC. When they arrived in the area, they reached the beautiful Copan River and built the city of Copan. Before it became an attractive tourist spot, it went through stages and historical events that shaped the area, which tourists see today.

In AD 426 Copan was led by a family of royal blood. King Mah K’ina K’uk’ Mo’, the first ever king of the said city, became one of the most praised leaders upon his discovery of the r kingdom. King Smoke Imix, on the other hand, was notable for the developments that happened in the civilization. The population increased and the different sectors of the kingdom including the military and economic sectors developed upon his rule. Copan might not be the city with the biggest number of Mayan people at that time, but it became one of the most significant cities in Mayan civilization because of its inhabitants’ discoveries and significant studies.

The Hieroglyphic Stairway is one place worth visiting in this large area. Inscriptions in the staircase have been said to depict the lives of the Mayan people during its early existence. Other than the staircase, other sites to visit would be the Copan Mayan Stela, the Copan Museum of Sculpture and the Copan Ruins Archaeology Park, which all enable the visitors to relive the moments when the Mayan Civilization was at its peak.

For those who are interested visiting the area, The Copan Guide Association does tours of the Copan Mayan Ruins, which can be arranged upon the arrival of visitors at the entrance area. Tours are available in multiple languages, including English, German and Spanish. The entrance fee is very affordable, so visitors are in for a real treat.

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  5. Beautiful photos. I didn’t check out the tunnels when I was there. I kind of wish I had. We totally tried to bribe the guy who was guarding the gate to let us both in for $10. No joy. Since when can’t you bribe someone in CA? Maybe next time. Copan was by far the favorite of all the ruins we visited in CA.

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