The Gorges du Verdon

The Gorges du Verdon
Photo by: caspermoller, Creative Commons

The Gorges du Verdon or the Verdon Gorge is one of the most attractive places to visit in south-eastern France. This is a river canyon which can be considered as one of nature’s finest works of art and is formed by the Verdon River. The entire canyon spans at approximately twenty-five kilometers long and goes down to about seven hundred meters in depth. When a person stands on one edge and looks at the entire place, they will be able to see how marvelous nature is. But it does not stop there. The Verdon Gorge has much more to offer its visitors. In between the span of the entire gorge lies five dams which hold back the water from five reservoirs.

There are two key-entry points to this place for those who wish to visit. There is the northern rim and the southern rim. This canyon can be considered to be much of a paradise, especially to rock climbers. There are over fifteen hundred different climbing routes with varied heights set on limestone rocks.

Hikers can also find safe havens of scenic paths through the different areas of the canyon. Some of the paths are short and can be toured in a short period of time; other paths can require average hikers to travel for about twelve to thirteen hours to make a round trip.

This is a very famous tourist destination in France, and those who wish to drive around to appreciate the view can use the roads surrounding the rim of the gorge. Apart from rock climbing and hiking, other sports such as canoeing, rafting and paragliding are also being offered to visitors.

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  1. Lezard says:

    Une tres belle region ou l’on peut pratiquer l’escalade et la baignade

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