The Gullfoss Waterfall

The Gullfoss Waterfall
Photo by: Neil Dcruze, Creative Commons

The Gullfoss Waterfall, which is also known as the Golden waterfall, is the most renowned waterfall in southwest Iceland. This breathtaking beauty is also one of the celebrated natural wonders of the world. It is situated on the Canyon of Hvita River or the White river. The Hvita River has three large steps ending at the spectacular Gullfoss falls. Gullfoss Waterfalls are two separate falls, one above the other. The top one or the upper step is 11 meters high; the other is 21 meters high. Its water can flow at an approximate 80 cubic meters per second during winter to about 140 cubic meters per second during summer. The greatest flood to strike the falls was recorded to have an astounding 2000 cubic meters per second outflow of water.

Rainbows often crown the majestic sight of the Hvita River diving in the Gullfoss falls. The area is blessed with lush vegetation beginning from lichens on rocks to small blueberry shrubs, and ending in wooly willows as its finale. There are numerous guided tourist trips offered by the locals. The falls was originally planned to supply electric power by turning it into a hydroelectric plant. The Gullfoss falls was found out to have the capability to produce massive amount of electricity. It is believed that because of the devoted pilgrimage of a farmer’s daughter to preserve the natural beauty of the falls, the plan was surprisingly stopped. Instead of a power plant, a nature reserve was built. A monument of this brave woman was erected in the area in 1978. The sight of the overwhelming falls, the sound of the gushing water, the scent of the variety of wild plants around the area, and the stories told of its mysterious past makes it worthwhile to visit this place and be awed by its beauty.

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