The Hofburg Imperial Palace

A view of the Hofburg Imperial Palace
Photo by: bewilder53, Creative Commons

The Hofburg Imperial Palace is the official residence of the Federal President of Austria. It has accommodated some of the most influential persons in Austrian history and is known as Habsburg’s winter residence during their dynasty.

It is historical for being the political center of monarchy in Austria. The rooms of the imperial palace had once been devoted to the revolutionary plans of reform by the late Emperor Joseph II. It had also witnessed functions for the Congress of Austria and catered to many different people for Emperor Franz Joseph. Its rich history is enough to make it a popular palace in Austria.

The world of the Habsburg, the most significant royal house in Austria, can be experienced in the Hofburg Imperial Palace. It is the home of the Imperial Silver Collection, the Sisi Museum, and the Imperial Apartments.

1. The Imperial Silver Collection. A range of objects that is necessary in the Imperial Household. It magnificently shows the culture of dining in the palace.

2. The Sisi Museum. If you want to take a peek at the world of the great Empress Elisabeth, you can visit the Sisi Museum and find most of the personal items that belonged to the queen.

The beautiful Empress was often misunderstood and has a great passion for traveling. The Sisi Museum is one of the places where you can find true insight and recollection of the historic icon, Empress Elisabeth.

3. The Imperial Apartments. It is an insight to the world of Austria’s most distinguished couple, Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth. It is also a showcase of the rooms that each member of Habsburg clan has occupied during their reign.

The home of the illustrious imperial dynasty of Austria, the Hofburg Imperial Palace gives you a taste of the country’s history, its culture, elegance, and fame.

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