The Kaieteur Falls

The Kaieteur Falls
Photo by: madmack , Creative Commons

Besides seeing natural phenomena happening on land and on air, people can’t resist observing aquatic natural phenomena. A waterfall is an example, since the motion of the water going down to the stream is quite a spectacular view. Of course, the Earth is covered by ¾ water, so it is expected the bodies of water dominate the globe. Luckily, there is the Kaieteur Falls that stands out among the rest of the falls in the whole wide world.

The Kaieteur Falls is located in Guyana, a tropical country on the continent of South America. It is estimated to be as five times high as the Niagara Falls, which is considered the highest falls in the continent of North America. In comparison, it is also twice as high as Victoria Falls, which is located in Africa. A proof to its beauty would be the recognition of it as one of the most scenic waterfalls in the world.

The falls have different ways in displaying their beauty depending on the season. During the dry season, the falls are surrounded by a mist that looks like clouds. During the wet season, on the other hand, more mist is seen and the water pressure from up the falls is stronger. Rainbows occasionally appear in the area, making the whole view like a wonderland.

Since Kaieteur Falls is one of the most sought-after tourist spot not only in Guyana but in South America as well, the transportation means to go to the area are made easier for the tourists. The falls are situated in Kaieteur National Park. It can be found in the central part of Guyana’s tropical rainforest. Flights are available between the Ogle Airport and the falls’ airstrip. Another airport accessible would be the Cheddi Jagan International Airport located in Guyana’s capital city, Georgetown.

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    simply amazing.

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    An amazingly thoughtful way of describing this spectacular waterfall!

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