The Manado Dive Resort

The Manado Dive Resort
Photo by:
Eustaquio Santimano
, Creative Commons

Manado Dive Resort is just a place to be to experience Indonesian exotic scuba diving. The wide variety of marine species separates Manado from the other diving sites. It is said that you can see about 70% of the marine species of the Indo-Western Pacific when you take a dive at Manado. Environmental efforts to preserve the beauty of the reef and all the living creatures there are being implemented in the area. Visitors should note that the months of July and August are the peak season, so it is advisable to book reservations in advance.

There is more to do in Manado than just diving and swimming in the clear blue water. The area is a volcanic island where green hills and lush vegetation define the island. Fresh fruits and vegetables are part of the cuisine of the Manado people. There are numerous seafood restaurants offering the best seafood cuisine and street stalls that offer other exotic kinds of food.

Their Minahasan culture could be felt through their dishes and their craftwork. Weaved and wood carved souvenirs are artistically made that you might want to buy and take home. If you are more into branded products, famous designer brands are surprisingly found around the area. Land tours are great options to spend the day in Manado. One famous place is the “Mountain of Love” or Bukit Kasih. This place is filled with different places of worship. Whether you are a Muslim, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, or Christian, you can stop here and take a moment of silence.

The wide-eyed tarsier is an attraction in the Tangkoko National Park. Whales and dolphins are mostly seen during the months of August and September. Manado was originally a trading port used by the Spaniards. Now it is a large tourist attraction for scuba divers and vacationers.

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  1. Manado Dive resort is one of interesting place to visit local tourist and has famous around the world. Manado is one city in Sulawesi island indonesia. Many interesting attractions to family vacation destinations.

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