The Melk Abbey

A view of the famous Melk Abbey in Austria.
Photo by: jay8085 , Creative Commons

Located on the bank of Danube River, the Melk Abbey is a majestic Baroque fortress that is a world renowned monastic site. It stands magnificently overlooking the river and watching over Melk.

The Melk Abbey is a fortified castle that is home to the Babenbergs and is later a Benedictine monastery under Margrave Leopold II.

During the 12th century, a school was connected to the monastery and has been the center of learning where a number of important manuscripts have been made and organized. It is home to the most brilliant and artistic minds and its members were regarded highly in the areas of natural science and the arts.

It is the place where the birth of the Melk Reform Movement had sprung. The Melk reform is valuable for its connection to the Humanists at the University of Vienna.

The highlight of this area more than its splendid history and its wide contribution to spirituality is the majestic Baroque building that stands in spectacular grace.

It is the location of the New Abbey Museum which gives a narration of Melk Abbey from its humble beginnings to its present splendor. The architect of the exhibit is Hans Hoffer, who is also the designer of the Klangtheater Ganzohr in Vienna.

The architecture of Hoffer allows for a powerful and effective presentation of the Benedictine history in Melk through innovative presentation mostly because of its emphasis on the artistically important objects in the Abbey.

You can also participate in educational museum tours which highlight the story of the Benedictines, more particularly the story of St. Coloman.

The Melk Abbey is not only popular for its history but also for the deep spirituality of the place that is unique to it. Visiting the Abbey will prove to be a hearty experience that will make you appreciate the beautiful Baroque fortress and the spirituality and culture of Austria.

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