The Ruins of Merv

The Ruins of Merv
Photo by: joshua_kucera , Creative Commons

The birth of Central Asia is considered one of the most important events in history. Coming here will allow you to appreciate the hidden treasures in this former Union Soviet territory.

One of those treasures is the Ruins of Merv found in Turkmenistan. Although the place is generally unknown to foreigners like you, the place is indeed a good rerun of what the ancient Silk Road looked like. Here in Merv, you can witness these five structures: Erk – Kala, Bairamalikhan – Kala, Gyaur Kala, Abdullahkan – Kala and Sultan – Kala. These monumental architectural wonders are still standing from the ground, despite the many calamitous events it had experienced. Now, most of these previously stunning monuments are greatly affected by erosion, weathering of the rocks, and age. Still, the very foundation and frame of the five structures are completely preserved, enabling visitors like you to barely see its original form. Besides, the form is unimportant. The more essential factor here is finding the message from the ruins, and discovering the important roles that our ancestors had contributed to us.

Other features include the ruins of numerous mosques suspected to have been used by ancient Arab dwellers for their worship activities, a 40–meter high mausoleum of Sultan Sandzhar Dar-al-Akhir with its stellar dome made from thin bricks, ruins of many other fortresses used by famous ancient sultans, and many more. The attractions are really endless and the culture importance of each is indeed meaningful enough to be mentioned in history books. To further prove that, the Ruins of Merv is now included in the World Legacy list of UNESCO.

In case you would want to explore the rich past of Asian cultures, mainly on the Arabian and Muslim focus, be sure to consider Turkmenistan as one of your preferred options. Having the chance to revisit the centuries of cultural change is a chance you should grab at once, and you can do this in the Ruins of Merv.

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  1. Joe Pace says:

    In pic it is not Merv but Anau Mosque

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