The Rwenzori Mountains

The Rwenzori Mountains
Photo by: sarah_mccans , Creative Commons

The Rwenzori Mountains is a mountain range stretching up to 120 kilometers. A gem of Uganda’s tourism industry, this snow-capped chain of mountains is otherwise known as the Mountains of the Moon, as it was first described by geographer, astronomer and mathematician Ptolemy. This range reaches a maximum elevation of 5,109 meters at its peak, making it the tallest mountain range in the whole of Africa. In terms of elevation, the Rwenzori Mountains is next only to Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro, both of which are free-standing mountains.

The majesty of this mountain range makes the National Park a favorite adventure spot of traveling mountaineers. The snow-capped peaks can be seen from miles across the base, but regular hikers are only allowed up to the 1,600-meter slope zone. Beyond this lie areas that only serious hikers may explore. A World Heritage Site as declared by the UNESCO, this mountain range promises a memorable experience to hikers who will dare to conquer its seven days-six night loop—a trail passing through its central circuit and all the way through the vegetation zones. Shorter hikes are also available for those who are not up to challenging the central circuit trail. The features of the mountain range change over time, and so every visit is always different from the previous.

This mountain range is also home to a diverse ecosystem, from large mammals to various trees and plants. The trail itself is a postcard scene: monkeys in trees that welcome hikers to the moorland zone, a carpet of lobelias, pure snow and dark tall rocks.

All in all, this 998-square-kilometer natural wonder nestled in the border of Congo is a sight to behold and an experience to remember.

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