Tian Tan Buddha of Po Lin

Tian Tan Buddha of Po Lin 400
Tian Tan Buddha of Po Lin
Photo by: laszlo-photo, Creative Commons

The Tian Tan Buddha of Po Lin is a gargantuan bronze statue of Buddha located on Lantau Island in Hong Kong, China. This statue was built in 1983 and was finished in 1993.

The colossal Tian Tan Buddha of Po Lin is a typical Buddha predominant in Chinese culture, with the exception of its size. The figure sits on top of a Lotus throne with his right arm raised and palm facing his north.

In order to reach the Tian Tan Buddha of Po Lin, one has to hike 268 steps. For tourists who plan to visit Po Lin, it is recommended that you be in good condition so you won’t risk your health. However, others can still enjoy the magnificent view of the Buddha from afar since it’s big enough to be seen from miles away.

In addition to the Buddha, the surrounding area provides a variety of attractions. Once you enter the halls, you can browse through historical materials, which include a relic of Gautama Buddha and a giant bell in the middle part of the hall. Free drink or food is given to tourists once a tour in the hall ends.

If you get hungry, monks nearby provide a vegetarian lunch at a nominal price. The food is adequate to fill you with the needed energy to stroll around the site.

The fastest and most convenient way to get to Tian Tan Buddha of Po Lin is traveling through the city’s MTR subway system, stop at Tung Chung Station, and take a taxi, bus, or a cable car to reach the site.

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