Tierra del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Photo by: nestor galina, Creative Commons

Tierra del Fuego got its name from the campfires tended by one of its early settlers, the Yamana tribesmen, which was visible to the ships passing by. Hard to reach and isolated, it is no wonder that early explorers such as Ferdinand Magellan and Charles Darwin refer to it as the end of the world. Magellan was actually the one who first used the name Tierra del Fuego, thinking that the fires meant that the Indians where waiting to ambush his armada. Exploration into this archipelago continues up to this day with adventure seeking travelers. Tierra del Fuego can offer many activities for its adventurous visitors.

This triangular archipelago is richly blessed with a multitude of natural attractions. One can go sailing and sightseeing amongst glaciers, trek along the forests, hike its mountains and go fly-fishing in its waters. Skiing is also a popular outdoor activity here. Though for centuries, this windswept place has been home to many shipwrecks. This is the place to get the best seafood in Argentina. Sea Run Brown trout is found in abundance in the waters of the Rio Grance, San Pablo, and in the Lago Fagnano.

The largest city in Tierra del Fuego is Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. Although the subpolar climate in the area is inhospitable, Ushuaia is a very busy hub of activity mainly due to the increasing number of Antractica-bound ships that make a stop in its port. Aside from tourists, this former penal colony has steadily been attracting people to resettle here due to the relatively high wages.

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    this gives good ideas for things to do if your visiting. but why would Magellan think they were going to bomb his ship???

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    I was just reading up on a few things and it said here on this site that Magellan saw fires(real ones) but on another site it says that the fires were fake how could I figure out who is telling the truth?

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    i was not impressed i hate magellen he was a racist and he said in times magazine that he hates black people O_o

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