Camel Caravan in Timbuktu, Mali
Photo by: emilio labrador, Creative Commons

You have probably heard of Timbuktu when people say comments about places that are very far or places that nobody knows about. You probably do not know a thing about Timbuktu, Mali. This is actually a famous place in Mali. It is known as the spiritual and intellectual center of Africa.

There are many great universities in Timbuktu, like the Sankore University. You can also visit several mosques that are made of mud like Djingareyber, Sidi Yahya, and Sankore. These mosques are the symbols of the golden age of Timbuktu, which took place hundreds of years ago. Although these mosques are not in their best state, they are still interesting to see.

Aside from the mosques, you can also go hiking in the Dogon Cliffs. It is important to be physically fit to do this because you might get dizzy especially in the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest.

You should also visit the Red Dine of Gao. Gao is like an oasis in the desert. After seeing sand for several days, you will feel glad to see greenery and a real city in Gao. At this place, there is a red sand dune that is located near the Niger River. You have to travel by boat to get there, which is also a fun experience.

Finally, to make your Timbuktu trip complete, you should try the camel ride offered at Tuareg camp. It is a fun experience but make sure that you ride only for a short time because the sun can get too hot and the camels too restless.

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  1. zain sulaiman says:

    its most amazing to know about the most undescript ancient city,though having a glorious past…known to be spiritual and intellectual centre of Africa…its going to be a great joy filled with adventure to discover more about Timbuktu…May Allah bless this city and its residents

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