Titov Veles

Veles City View
Photo by: Wikipedia, Creative Commons

Titov Veles is a city that is important in history because it became a trading center in the earlier decades. Back when River Vardar was still used by traders to reach Veles, the city became very active in the trading industry. But now, even though the river is not anymore used for trading purposes, the place is still surrounded by lush green trees growing abundantly on the forests surrounding the city. Its eco tourism promotions are gaining popularity among foreigners which generates a big portion of the annual income of the tourism sector of Veles.

But the city is also depending on other means of livelihood such as in manufacturing. Primarily, Titov Veles is an industrial town where there are different factories producing items such as silk, lead and porcelain. Thus, many tourists who come over here find many different items made from silk and porcelain as perfect souvenir items for their loved ones.

Being surrounded by a flourishing flora and fauna and the towering height of the mountains, the city enjoys cool winds all throughout the year, except during summer when the temperature is warmer. But compared to other cities, Veles is still a cooler place. Tourists often arrive in summer outfits but it is also advised that they bring along extra clothing incase the temperature gets lower. And when it does, you can conveniently slip on a sweater or jacket to make yourself comfortable.
Titov Veles is a very beautiful city and if you want to feel the cool mountain winds yourself, a trip to Veles is all you will ever need.

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  1. Hello;
    I ws married in Veles under a giant painting of Tito in 1978…I come from NY and for me it was an experience. I have old photos of me on top of that very high mountain in the photo sitting o n top of a donkey that some kids grabbed for me. In all my Veles photos I look so happy. I was lucky to stay there close to a year in the good old days before Tito passed; we were musicians and bars were full, store shelves were full and because my husband was Macedonian I truly got o enjoy the local life. It is a truly beautiful place….his parents’ lived at Kukuska 26 about a 5 minute walk to the Vardar near the old railroad bridge. I am sure that’s all long gone; I miss the people; the food and the fact that even though everyone was poor they were all so happy. I miss you Veles!!!!!

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