Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens 400
Tivoli Gardens, Denmark
Photo by: Jeaneeem , Creative Commons

The famous Tivoli Gardens have always been one of the favorites of tourists who travel to Denmark. Who would not be attracted to the grandeur of this theme park that was built in the 1800s? That was the time when King Christian VIII agreed to lease an architect who would want to build a park. Well, it’s not just an ordinary park since he had a lot of requirements. When it was finished, flowers, man-made lakes and trees welcome your senses.

This enthralling sight captures millions of tourists since the Tivoli Gardens have so many activities in store for them. Just imagine riding roller coasters and ferris wheels while eating just about anything that is being sold along the way – frankfurters of course. It is such an amazing view the moment you get to see the flowers. You will not get lost when you look for the Tivoli Gardens since the moment you exit the Central Station of Copenhagen, you will immediately see it. So spending some quality time in Denmark can make your stomachs grumble for their wonderful food but keep in mind that this is a place of expensive things, so might as well bring enough kroners for you to get by.

Talking about what is great and enticing about Denmark, you will soon realize that aside from food and drinks, music comes first of them all. There are over a hundred free concerts you can go to when you visit the Tivoli Gardens. During their operating hours, you can chose from a variety of genres that would bring beautiful memories back. It is definitely one part of Denmark to grand and too close to the heart to ignore.

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